Automated Emails upon API Account Creation

Hello, I’m struggling to see the use of the API create account feature:!/Account/postUsingPOST, and I have successfully created a user account, received the user ID response, and then the user doen’t receive a welcome to your account email by which they could set an account password. If it was easy enough to grab the newly created users api key and somehow set a temporary password this might make sense. But right now a new account is created by which the user can then attempt to login to there new account, and select ‘forgot my password’ in order to set a password but this is less than ideal.

@daviddavis I am very sorry on the delay with answering this and my response here. I talked with the development team and these endpoints for account creation are more designed for our internal systems that use this to then generate an account starting from Caligraph then sending a signal over to our API. It is very complicated how this works and is not something we would recommend to do at this time.

Ok thanks for the update Ben.