Automatically signing out and login prompt window

Why does YCBM decide to randomly log me out and at the same time, a window login prompt shows up at the top of my browser asking me to login with my username and password, but I only use the Google button to login.

Are there issues with the Google account authentication button on YCBM?

My team continues to get logged out randomly.

Hey @dinodxynez do you have any external integrations that may be using your login credentials to authenticate (Zoho Flow, etc)? Or are you all logging in with the same information? If the latter you can check out Team Management to invite them with permissions.

Final thought as well if you have multiple browser windows that could trip the login token in rare cases.

Beyond this let me know of a rough timestamp when you were logged out last I can peek at the logs and see if anything pops up.

Hi @Ben ,
Thanks a million for responding (much appreciated). As for as integrations, I’m using webhooks from YCBM to Google Sheets but that’s about it.

As you mentioned, I thought it may have been more about the number of users logged in to one email credential (although it still happens from time to time with my own login credentials and I’m the only one using my sign-in.

I will pay more attention to when it’s happening and I will try to remember to take a screenshot of the prompt I receive, but yes, it may be the browser windows tripping up the login token.

I’m sure it’ll happen again and when it does, I’ll try to take a screenshot and share it back in this discussion. Best and thanks again!

You can setup Admins here:

They will need to integrate a calendar, but you don’t need to connect that to active pages.

Thanks again, @Ben
One of my goals is to get the team signing in to their own accounts; my client is adamant about everyone signing in to the same account no matter how many times I explain the benefits of everyone having their own account. :woozy_face:

@dinodxynez This should help with the logging out issue and also add some data security to control who has access to what and when.