Stuck in an Onboarding Loop - Trial Account Setup

Hey YCBM Team,

This morning we created a trial account for YCBM to “kick the tires” a bit. During the Onboarding setup process we got as far as binding our O365 account and entering our Account Details. After clicking the green confirmation button the page freezes and will not proceed. We have tried in multiple browsers and on multiple computers. We are stuck in Onboarding limbo. I would appreciate some help sorting this out so we can check out your product. Thanks again for you help.

Potential Customer

I am sorry that things tripped up for you. Very odd. I was able to get the onbarding flow to complete. You should now have full access to the account. You can change any information you need in the account page:

Hiccups happen. Thanks for your help Ben!

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Doesn’t look like we’re fully out of the woods yet. I was able to get to the account page but when we attempt to make any changes it’s going to this error:


If your network is blocking access to our server, that may also explain why the onboarding flow didn’t go through. There could be a firewall or some other security setting not allowing us to get the signal as expected. Are you seeing the same error when trying to access things off of WiFi? i.e. on your mobile phone on cellular data?

Did some troubleshooting. This issue wasn’t firewall related but turned out to be related to the browser plugin Ghostery. After disabling the plugin for your site, everything ran without issues. Thanks for your help again Ben.

We had had Ghostery pop up in the past, I will let the team know. Thanks for getting to the bottom of it and filling us in.

Hi Ben,

I wanted to reach out and see if it was possible to get a short extension on the account trial. One of the individuals involved in this roll out were out of town and we need a little more time to stage a proof of concept for them to review before they provide us a card to enable to account on. Is this something we can arrange. Thanks again for you help!

I extended your trial until the end of September.

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