Are you sure your support is award winning?

We paid for subcribtion, bank account was also debited and we got an invoice - BUT we have neither access to the support team nor to our paid services. The free service is off too and our clients are complaining.
And now the only way to reach anyone, is this forum and to to complain the Credit card transaction.
sorry folks, but that´s just outrageous

Hi Julia - we sent an email to your account email on April 19th about the issue you were seeing on your account and issued a full refund on your payment. We are happy to help resolve this if you can reply to our email!

Hi Tiffany - there is no email sorry to say, are you sure you tried [Removed by Admin]. And the problem with the Temporary Fault is still there.

Hi Julia - we will email you again at that address to resolve this issue.

For the record, overall my experience with YCBM support has been very good. I’ve almost almost gotten a response the same day or by the following day at the latest.

Are you sure their replies aren’t getting caught by spam filters?


I agree that YCBM support has been excellent over the years, particularly given the price point of the service