Being billed for a free account

Both of the accounts I have with YCBM are free… however I saw a $129 charge on my card.
How do I know why this is? Neither of the accounts that I have even have a card on file!

@thelightingguyllc sorry on the delay and for the subscription charge. We reached out via email but never heard back. If you reply to that thread and let us know the last four digits of the card that was charged we can check our systems and track down and cancel the active subscription. Or you can message me on the forum.

It was either my bank debit card ending in [Removed by admin] or my bank account ending in [Removed by admin]. It shows as a debit…so I believe it was the [Removed by admin].
There are 2 charges on 9/22/23. $129.60 and $3.89.

Thanks checking with the finance team on this.

@thelightingguyllc we found the old account. I have processed the refund for the $129.60. I suspect the $3.89 was an international fee from your card company so you may need to check with them to get it refunded as well.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your follow through!

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