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Hello YouCanBookMe Forum,

This is the fourth time I have attempted to contact someone for assistance with the account that my company uses for our office, and have yet to be responded to, so I am resorting to the forum. An email was sent to the Support staff 4/30/2021, 5/19/2021, and a support ticket through the account portal on 5/21/2021. To be clear, our company has a paid subscription and our account no longer has access to the “Get Help” function besides accessing the Knowledgebase. In addition, we did not receive the educator’s discount despite the Help FAQ stating that it would be automatically added when we subscribed based on the email used for creating the account.

If someone from the support staff can possibly respond to this and direct me to the appropriate contact, I would appreciate it.

Hi Krystal,

I fear our emails are being blocked - we have replied to you all 4 times with a full reply. We believe the issue has been resolved but I’ll contact you privately via this forum with the hopes you’re able to receive our message this time :slight_smile:

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Thank you Tiffany! I have received your message and responded.