Got charged but no longer using service for over 3 years

Hi Team,

I got charged an insane amount of money and when trying to log into any of the accounts I remember having they don’t exist to even do a password reset.

May I get some assistance in figuring out which account is still active, close it, and get my money back?

Hi Aniret,

I’m really sorry to hear you hit this problem tracking down your account. I’m sure we can help find it and get that refund processed for you.

First, try searching your email inbox for the phrase “Your payment”. That wording is included in all the notifications we send out whenever a charge is made.

If you are on gmail type this in the search box:

“Your payment” in:anywhere

The quotes help match the exact phrase and the last bit will include your spam and trash folders. Other email systems will have similar ways to track things down.

If you can find one of those emails, there will be a section that says:

We’ve received your payment for 1 calendar for 1 month on the account .

That email address is the one we have the account set up for. Use that to reset your password. As soon as you are logged in you will have access to the support team who can get going with that refund.

If you can’t find an email, that last wording might also show on you credit card statement.

If none of that works, we might be able to track things down from the exact date and time of the charge.

Hope this helps! Let us know if not and you are still stuck.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I did a search on my emails but I also created accounts with previous companies I am no longer a part of and do not have access to those emails.

I am guessing it is one of those accounts.

Date of Charge: Friday, September 10th
Time: 1:06 PM is when I got the message of the charge

Hi Aniret - I’m sending you a private message to get this resolved.