No log-in in free account

A friend of mine is not able to log in with her data. She thinks that the reason might be that the trial period has expired. Is it still possible to use longer than 14 days for free?
Does she need to check a certain box or something? How can she log in again?

Thanks for your help and best regards,

Hi Ivana - your friends account will still be active after the free trial, it will just be downgraded to the free plan if she chose not to upgrade. It may be she signed up with a different email than she remembers - is she able to do forgot password? If you know the booking profile URL we can look up the account email address associated with the account.

Thanks Tiffany for your fast response. The booking url is and it shows this error: Ouch! We can’t show you this lovely booking page right now. If you’re the account holder, you’ll be able to fix any problems by visiting your account status page.

Best regards, Ivana

Hi Ivana, I’ve sent you a private message on how to login to this account.

Hi Tiffany, thank you for your answer and your support. In the meantime my friend has sent me the new password and I was able to solve the problem. She had still some paid features which I turned off and now all is fine.
Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hi, I tried to request new account free trial but never got the email confirmation. However Iwas able to set up an account here. Can you please activate a free trial for me?

Joe Allen

Hi Joe, I am very sorry on the delay with getting back to you. I do see that you were able to setup an account. I have extended the trial. If you cannot login try the password reset flow on the login screen. Again I m sorry we didn’t spot this earlier.