How to upgrade to Free Trial on a new account

Created a free account yesterday. Your website states: “If you select the free plan and later decide you want to trial the paid features, get in touch with us and we can add the free trial to your account.”

However, because I am on the free plan, I cannot find any way to get in touch with you other than this Forum. Would you please activate the 2 week free trial, as I quickly realized I will need the “On Duty” feature for YCBM to be useful in my situation. Thanks!

Hi Kent - we’ve activated the free trial on your account.
If you need any help getting setup on your trial, use the Get Help option on your dashboard!

Hi, I’ve the same problem as KentM did it.
Could you activate my free trial period please?
My user is (ADMIN REMOVED)


Your free trial has been enabled!

Hello, would that be possible for my account as well? Thanks

@akmis The free trial has been enabled for you!

Hi I actually think I used my free trial. Now it tells me I need to change my account in order to use it again. All I need to do I believe is change my color back to green the original color and remove my footer. Can you please tell me how to do that or allow me to have a free trial for a day or two and I will remove it. Thank you in advance.

Hi James. Under Styles & appearance you can select one of the preset colors at the top. You can also remove your footer under that same section. Make sure not using any other features marked “paid” and your account will work on the free version.