Feedback on your clunky transfer to free-trial situation

  1. I just created a free account, and within 10 minutes wanted to switch to the free trial.

  2. Since your website doesn’t clearly say what features are available in free vs. paid, I thought I’d start with free and see what’s there, and then move to paid if needed. I quickly realized I should’ve chosen the free trial.
    a) first, really it’d be best to delineate the features between the 2
    b) once you’re in the free program and customizing, the “upgrade” button really should send someone into starting the free trial. It’s kind of obvious that ANYBODY would want to try it out for 2 weeks first before committing
    c) then you say “get in touch with us to switch into the trial” after I bumble around in help, but it’s not clear how to get in touch with you! Neither the menu at the bottom nor the top has a contact button. I’m thisclose to just switching to the free trial for acuity scheduling, which I might do anyway, because it’s not clear to me I can do what I need to do right now (whereas I could with them).

Bizarrely, at there’s no option to start a new topic. I’ve wasted 25 minutes bumbling around in the forum, being frustrated that there’s no “new topic” button, struggling through the “get help” system that bizarrely encourages me to “get in touch” (if I could only figure out how!!" before I finally noticed that there’s a separate sign up button for the forum.

All of which to say - you’re not even remotely making it easy for potential customers to get onto your trial. I’m not 100% sure what I’m still doing here… but since I finally got here… exactly how do I “get in touch” to switch to the trial?

Hi there - thanks for this feedback about the onboarding setup - I definitely agree much can be improved, and the good news is we are working on exactly that. We think everyone should start with a free trial!

If you can email us your account information, I’m happy to activate the free trial on your account.


I just ran into the same problems as the creator of this topic.
Really frustrating.

Totally frustrating. Thank you for your feedback. I have sent this over to the product team. Again in the very near future all new accounts will start with a free trial automatically to avoid this confusion.

I just set up what I thought was a free trial but I can’t use “upgrade” features. How do I get this to happen?

Your account is on the free trial, Nancy. You can use all of the features tagged Paid during your free trial.