Trial Confusion

I signed up for what I thought was a 2 week trial of the Paid version. I needed to make sure that it does what it claims to do, and that it does have the features that I need. However, when I try to access some features, it says upgrade to trial. Immediately my thoughts were “hmm, I thought I was a 2 week trial”. So I looked for ways to get the trial and one page says to contact support so “we can get the trial into your account”. I clicked help and looked for ways to contact support. Finally found a page that says, “if you do not see the link that says contact support, that means your account does not have that feature.” I guess that makes sense, because I an a trial user, hey wait, but I want to be a full user, and would like to try the features first. I need to contact support to make that happen but I need to pay to get that activated to contact support. So, how does one get to try all the features first to decide if this product does what it claims to do ?

Sorry for any confusion here. We are in the process of ensuring that everyone signing up is setup with the two week trial automatically. Currently you can either choose to enter on the free trial or the free plan. I will reach out with a message to get the trial added to your account.

I signed up with a different provider and got the schedule integrated yesterday. Moderator Please delete post

I have the same issue. I can’t use any of the upgraded features

I see Tiffany has gotten you setup with a trial.