Just created availability and it's all wrong in the calendar

I just created my account and set up my availability, but it’s all wrong in the calendar and the availability doesn’t match what I entered at all.

Also there’s multiple functions that keep forcing me to start the free trial when I don’t want to and there’s no way for me to turn them off. I do not want to start a free trial, I just want the free basic account. Why can’t I turn them off?

@angel.light.energy.l for the times not appearing correctly, your calendar is reporting as UTC. If you head to the timezone section and uncheck the box you can set a default:

More info here: https://support.youcanbook.me/hc/en-us/articles/17321514300183-What-is-UTC-timezone

For the free trial modal, if you try and adjust a paid feature you will see the free trial message appear. Checking on your page now, I do not see any paid features enabled.

YAY! Thank you! I hadn’t gotten that far in my settings yet and didn’t see it. My calendar is all good now, thank you!

Ok, that’s great thank you. I guess there’s some places, like at the bottom of the “booking form” page, it has the captcha option seemingly selected on and it says it’s a free trial feature. When I click on it to turn the slider off, a pop up appears to turn on the free trial and there’s no way to “deselect” it, so I’ve just been confused because it seems like it’s selected, but I guess it’s not. Thank you :slight_smile: