Availability times not showing correctly

The availability in my Google calendar and the YCB page do not match and are displayed wrong.

I have posted two times earlier on this topic but no answer so far.

Hopefully, there will be a solution now.

@chrissmit I am sorry you hit a snag with your availability. I didn’t find an account for your email. I will send you a message here to try and work it out. Normally the availability issues will resolve with 24 hours, you can always try and sync things here: https://app.youcanbook.me/#/account/integrations


I’ve re-synced the only calendar linked to this account (Removed By Admin).
I’ve also re-authorized and then re-synced that account but to no avail.

@chrissmit I sent you a message specifically to check on things here. Whatever you have set for availability this will be the free time we pull in from your calendar. If any busy events or even declined events are there your availability will be blocked. Also the duration may be playing a role here.