No support access in trial

I am currently trialing the platform to see if it is appropriate for my use case.

The contact support button does not work but there is no notification at all. I then go to the commercial site and the chatbot just tells me to go away. :melting_face:

The app seems good and meet my needs BUT this is really a weird and negative experience.

Ps: Could you edit the text as adjective in French get an “s” at the end.

1 disponible
4 disponibles


The easiest way to fix it is just write “disponible(s)”. It can seem silly but such a typo is a blocker

@vincent I checked in the ticket system and I do not see any requests from your account. On a trial you have full access of everything. The chat bot on the home page is more for sales inquires for larger teams that have questions.

Can you try and submit a ticket through the in app widget?

Also thank you for your translation suggestion, I will talk with the team to get this adjusted.

Thanks for the answer. I must be missing something but the click support seems to lead nowhere. There is no browser action that I can see. I am on Chrome/windows.

See below

@vincent there could be something in your browser blocking our support widget. Are you seeing this in other browsers?

I tried with Edge. It does nothing.

Could you please correct the typo in the calendar bookings in french above.

This 10 seconds to fix issue is what is blocking me for buying your services.

The super simple solution is to put it always as "disponible(s). ". More elegant solution is that the plural for depends on available numer of slots.

Adjective get plurals in French