So it seems only paid accounts can access support, but

What if you’re trying to test your system but you get this …

Hhhhmmm, if only I was able to access support for assistance :thinking:… sorry folks, you missed out.

There could be a few things causing this. One could be a firewall on the network you are connecting with. A way to test is to try to head to the page on your phone not connected to WiFi. Where are you seeing this message? While trying to login? Or make changes? Any additional information you have would be helpful.

I don’t think this is an end user issue. I am now experiencing this same issue as of 11:16 AM, EST on 6/18/2019.

Unfortunately, Google Calendar is currently experiencing an outage (you can see the status of the outage here).

This outage is currently affecting your ability to log in to your account and also preventing your grid from displaying. This is also preventing any scheduled notifications from being sent to your bookers, as we have lost communication with the events on your calendar. This is affecting all of our users, even those with Microsoft or iCloud calendars integrated.

We are very closely monitoring this outage as we know you rely on our service and it is not working for you. We will update you just as soon as we have any more information on Google Calendar returning to full operation and this issue being resolved.

Logins and booking grids have been fully restored.