This booking profile is not available right now

Periodically since Sunday, when someone wants to book me, they cannot getting We’re really sorry - this booking profile is not available right now. Please contact the calendar owner. Calendar owners, please visit your [account status page] to find out more information." This happens sometimes, other times I can get tot he calendar with the link I provide my customers.
When I click on the link for Account Page, it brings me to a sign-in screen, When I enter my EM & PW, I get a pop up “Welcome Back” but does not take me inside. There is no path forward.
1 Looking at a previous problem report, it says that “right now you are linking to the same calendar from two different Google accounts. “ For someone who is an Apple user, what does this mean and how do I fix it?
2 I suspect if I fix item 1, the log in to my account may not be needed. ???
My Sign in is with the (REMOVED BY ADMIN) email address

It does look like your calendar is doubling up as well. In order to get this resolved we will need to remove one of your calendar accounts. We currently do not integrate with icloud which also may be causing an issue here, Darryl.