Profile either showing unavailable or "this booking profile is not available right now"

I have set up a QR code for students to book appointments with me. It worked fine at the beginning of the school year. Today I gave Seniors a task to set up a credit check appointment with me and gave the direct link (since they can’t have cell phones in class). They were all getting “We’re really sorry–this booking profile is not available right now.” I went through all of the trouble shooting suggestions. The time zone is fine, everything looks the way it should. I tested the QR code link and was getting the same message. There is nothing else for me to change in my settings.

The one time I DID manage to get in, it showed me unavailable until 1:30 today. I only had two things on my calendar and there was nothing on my calendar that should have blocked my availability.
Now it’s just back to saying this booking profile is not available. I am frustrated. I spend money on a QR code that works itself, but it links to nothing!

Dawn, I am sorry for any frustration. The issue here is that right now you are linking to the same calendar from two different Google accounts. My recommendation is to remove one of them on the integrations page:

This should prevent the page from saying it is not available. As for your question about time being blocked until 1:30pm, this could be because of the 2 hour minimum booking notice you have setup. When folks visit the booking page they will only see free time 2 hours in the future and beyond. More info on minimum notice here..

Thank you so much for your help. I think it is up and running correctly now.

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