Dashboard Inaccessible- Stuck on Account Overview


I asked for an upgraded account from me HR person. They sent me a link, which connects my account to our company’s business account.

I am currently stuck on the “Account Overview” page and can’t go to my dashboard.

I updated all my information, but I can’t do anything.

Thank you for your help.

@melinda.alston welcome to the Forum! I am sorry for any confusion. Right now you are setup as a Contributor so you can only connect a calendar or Zoom account and update your account information. In order to get access to a dashboard and pages you will need to be made an Editor or Administrator.

An Editor can edit specific pages that the account owner specifies. You would only be able to see bookings from that page only.

An Administrator can see all booking pages and bookings and also can invite others to join the organization.

More information on Account Roles here.

The Organization Owner (main login) can adjust your permissions here: YouCanBook.me

Hi Ben,

I will share this with my HR representative and update you.

Thank You,


Hi Ben,

My HR rep was able to add me as an administrator. I am setting up my calendar and I re-authorized it, but I still get the following notice:

There might be something tripping things up from Google. You can attempt to re-integrate your calendar here: YouCanBook.me. Click the drop down next to your Google calendar and Re-Authorize. Beyond that there might be a domain level security setting that is preventing our app from connecting to your calendar. Often an IT team needs to authorize us as a safe third party. But if you were able to integrate in the first place that may not be the case.

Also the organization owner or your HR department may need to integrate a calendar account.

I am confused. Do I share my calendar with HR then? I want my booking page to be linked.

Sorry for the confusion. Currently we are seeing a bug where of the main owner account your HR login isn’t integrated a calendar the other roles Admins and Editors may see connection issues. They can integrate a calendar here YouCanBook.me

I will try again tomorrow and share this information. To clarify, my HR rep needs to add their own calendar or do they need to add my calendar to their booking page?

Thank You!

Personal calendar. Then you should have no problem!

We finally met and were able to complete the integration.