Not able to access booking pages?


I can only update my account information and access my calendar. How can i change account role to have all access ?
I don’t know what happenned, I don’t remember changing anything about roles ?

Thanks for the help

@MeMe you were invited to join someone else’s account. They will need to make you an Editor of pages to see anything here. They can do that through the Team Management menu:

Also an article with more information: Assign booking pages to an Editor - YouCanBookMe Support


I don’t understand, I can’t update my account role.

All accounts are contributors. What can I do ?
Can you help ?

Thank you

I’m using Inbox When Ready to protect my focus.

@MeMe when you are part of a team there is one account that is having the role for Organization Owner which have access to the billing, assigning roles, and booking pages so you need to let them know they need to make the changes for you.

There’s no team, only me with 2 accounts and different emails.Both accounts are contributors.
I think I changed the role by mistake, I don’t remember.

Can you help ?

I’m using Inbox When Ready to protect my focus.

@MeMe Unfortunately we do not have a way to change the roles on our end an easy way you can confirm that you are part of a team will be by going to the Integrations Page click on this link : and you will see that you are sharing with another account access to email and calendars.

Thank you for you response Jesser.

Please, I would like to Cancel my subscription

How can I proceed.


@MeMe I will reach out to help you get this sorted. It looks like you are signing in with the wrong email.