Can I change my Booking Link and Page title?


I hope this is not a ‘silly question’!

I have a paid account and I need to change my booking URL and also the Booking page title found in Dashboard > Edit Settings > General.

The booking URL is currently in the format and the page title is my email address

This is not embedded into a site anywhere, I distribute the booking URL by email to people who need an appointment.

Due to rebranding, the CompanyName element has to change. No changes are needed to my calendar or anything else, apart from uploading a new logo, which I see I can do.

Can I safely make those edits to page tile and booking URL myself at the above location without breaking anything? Or do I need tech assistance?

Very Many Thanks,


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Took the plunge, made the edits, and all is fine thanks!


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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the Forum!

Great that you made the changes succesfully. If you have any doubts or need more assistance on any other topic let us know.