Original Booking Page Missing After Upgrade

I’ve had a free version booking page that we’ve used for several years. Last week when I logged in to update the calendar availability, I was prompted to upgrade to the “New Experience.” When I did that, the original booking page disappeared from the dashboard and I had to create a new booking page. I can no longer access the settings for that original booking page. However, the OLD booking page link still works, but it’s not sync’ing to my Google Calendar anymore.

The old/original booking page had the URL format of xxxxx.ycb.me and the new page has the URL format of xxxx.youcanbook.me

I need to be able to set that old/original booking page to “Offline” or to be able to delete it so that there is only one booking page associated with the email address.

@shauert can you send me a DM with the original link? I can see if I can track things down. You should be able to send me a message directly from the thread. Click my user name and Message

@Ben -

When I return to the original thread, a giant image of the “message” button pops-up over my message and I can’t make it go away to actually get to the message button.


Sent you a message, you can respond directly to that.

Got it – replied. Thx.