How do I change the URL of my booking link?

Right now it is showing up as, but I am looking for this to be or I don’t see a way to swap out the entire domain name.

Within the profile editor you can click on the embed option and copy a bit of code and paste it on your site at the page you want. More info here:
A few things to notice when doing this though is that you have to uncheck the break out option to keep mobile users on your site.

Thank you, but I tested this and the URL parameters I am passing into the embed are not going through? I have ?FNAME=Test&, no matter how I set this up it is not working. Any insight?

Since you are embedding you will need a bit of software on the webpage where the grid is embedded that dynamically changes the embedded URL with the parameters you are trying to pass through. This is some advanced stuff, but found an article that may help This is possible with JavaScript, or PHP.

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These seems a bit complicated. I will talk to our dev team and see what we can do. Thanks for the help.

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