Not need for the person to complete form to schedule time

Would be possible to make youcanbook use URL parameters too autofill the form so the person that is passing through a funnel or came through email don’t need to fill out the youcanbook form to schedule the time?

ScheduleOnce have this option and it’s really handy and it makes really easy for the person to schedule the time.

If there is not a way with URL parameters, would be possible for instead of redirect the person that selected the time to the youcanbookme form to an activecampaign form?

Hi Daniel, yes there is a way to pass in information into the booking form. This is done using Shorthand codes that you setup. More information here. This is great if you already have the persons information before sending them the link. You can setup something with an Email Service Provider like Mailchimp to send out a link that will auto fill for them.

If you do not know your booker’s information you can setup a pre-fill link after the booking to allow them to rebook easily. It is a similar concpet but added after the booking, view that article here.

Hi Ben, is there a possible way to instead of just pre-fill the form just submit automatically without needing to pass through the form page when using this?

Thank you for the answer, really helpful!!!

Hi Daniel, you can hide your most of your form fields, but will still need to have your booker confirm and submit the booking. There is not a way to completely bypass the booking form.

Hi Ben,

The previous booking softwares that I used would get the data from the Website URL without needing to be added to the embedded “Booking Software” URL, and I am struggling so much to send the data from the Website URL to the embedded URL.

I am embedding the on a Clickfunnels page, and even though I am sending the UTM Contact information through the URL, the embed don’t pre fill the data.

I really want to continue to be using, I am a big users but I can’t find a way to fix this, and I have been researching but I don’t seen to find a way. I would love if you could just give me a guidance on that. So I can continue using it because I really need to make this work.

I answered you on the new thread here.. If you have any trouble with the embed code with adding the script, let me know.