How to Prefill Embedded Forms (Using ActiveCampaign)

Is someone able to clarify please.

I’m using activecampaign and youcanbookme on wordpress site

The process is:
Step 1: an activecampaign form on the website
This then redirects to
Step 2: an embedded form

I’m trying to prefill the form.

When I redirect to the youcanbookme hosted form
it works fine.

But when I redirect to the embedded version, I can’t get it working.

(I’ve put . . . in the urls, as it wouldn’t let me post otherwise)


  1. Do I need to keep the content in the redirect url (that is redirecting from ActiveCampaign)
    i.e. h.t.t.p//

or do I just leave it going to h.t.t.p//
(without the Identifiers at the end of the URL)


  1. I saw that I need to add something to the embed code. But what exactly do I need to add? And where do I add it? (I’ve changed the URL and Form name below).

Here is the embed code. Do I add the identifiers (ie FNAME=%FIRSTNAME%) there? IF so, how?


I answered this in another thread. If you can message me with your booking URL or post it here I will send you the embed code you need to accept passed in parameters from ActiveCampaign.

Thanks Ben. Wasn’t sure the other thread was still active. Is it possible to message you privately with the URL?

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