Can I remove the Page Title form the Booking Page

Looking to Remove the Booking Page Title. We use the titles internally so the Company users know which calendar is configured for a specific area and not to display any information to the potential client.

@skipper great question. At the moment through the settings it isn’t possible to remove the title. There are a few things to test out. One is by adding:


To your booking links your booker’s will not see the title. This may not be ideal, as this will remove the booking page intro.

Another option is to use the API to remove the titles. If you want more information on this you can send me a message on the forum.

Finally you could make all the titles the name of your company.

Thanks Ben, I would normally just change all the titles to but then it’s difficult to know which calendar is for which area.

We use the title so that we know which calendar is for which specific locations, the nes we use that are descriptive to us unfortunately confuse some of the people that we show the page to.

I wish there was a different spot where we could indicate where they are for. I will try one of your suggestions.