Stuck on onboarding - Freezes when creating booking page

Hi, I’m having issues completing the onboarding to start using the tool. It does not pass the loading state of creating a first booking page. The loading bar completes the progress and nothing else happens. I’ve tried for 3 days from different browsers, cleared the cache, nothing affects the issue. Help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Kammiri I am sorry you hit a snag on building out your page. I moved a template into your account you should see that on your dashboard now:

I also extended your trial for a week to give you time to test things out.

Hi Ben, thanks for the prompt reply.

I can’t see the template:

PS: I’ve tried different URLs for the booking page but the issue remains.

Hi @Kammiri I sent you a response to the email thread. The issue here is that your calendar account won’t allow us to connect to a writeable calendar so the page creation is not working. I moved the template into your account so you should see that there now.