Locked out of account due to MFA

I have been using a YCBM page for a few months now and it’s linked to my outlook account, but UCLA changed to use MFA for the login and so when I go through the Microsoft login, I get stuck and have no ability to get to my account page to make any changes to my booking page.

Are you able to circumvent this by creating a password for my account or worst case I guess deleting this account so I can create a new one that doesn’t use the Microsoft login?

This is the booking page: https://nandini-inperson.youcanbook.me/

@ninmula welcome to the Forum! You can hit forgot password on the login page. This will send you can email to create a password so you can continue using b your same account. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

i tried that and i never got an email to my address! we had this same thing happen with Calendly and they said that with this authentication, Microsoft shares an access token with us that gives you access to your calendar. Microsoft then forwards me back to Calendly to complete the connection. Going forward, the access token will expire, so to maintain the connection, we request refresh tokens from Microsoft, which is how we obtain access through the Outlook API. The token can be revoked, typically caused by the user changing their O365password creating an invalid authentication.

The option they gave was to disable the Office 365/Outlook.com SSO on the accounts and set me up with a Calendly specific password, so is this something that can be done by YCBM?

otherwise the only option i could think of is if you can help me delete this account and then i create a new one…

I will send you an email from our support system so we can get things sorted out for you. We can easily move an older page or pages from your other account and get them in your new account, not a problem.