Employees can connect, but it is to my calender

So I enjoy Youcanbookme so much I encourage my employees to use it too. However, when they set up their account, it asks for the Microsoft admin to sign-in, so I did. But now the connected calendar is my calendar and not theirs. It will not allow them to delete mine as their main calendar. So it appears that they are not creating their own account, but another account for me.

Has anyone run into this, and how can I fix it?!?!?!

@JoeyatAiken welcome to the Forum. You may be talking about admin consent to allow your Microsoft instance to connect to YCBM. Some more information here: Granting your organization permission to use their Microsoft account with YouCanBook.me - YouCanBookMe Support

Someone with admin access at your domain would need to set this up. Once that happens they should be able to integrate their calendars on their accounts here: https://app.youcanbook.me/#/account/integrations

Then they can delete any other integration they may have setup.