Calendar won't display with iframe anymore

I’ve been using free account for a tiny non-profit organization for the past 10 yrs. They only use the calendar about 4 months during the summer (mostly for Pony Club & 4H).

When I checked on things tonight, I noticed the calendar was not displaying. I had not done anything with the account since last August or so.

I tried the new iframe codes but no dice. I’m using Chrome and still want to use the old display grid. For now, I just threw in a link to the ycb page.

Is anyone else having this problem?

@ihc_admin I checked out the site, but do not see a link or anything embedded. As you mentioned you may have removed this. One thing to test is to embed the booking grid without the <script> attached. Simply copy the embed code, remove the closing script and attempt to paste that into your site. Feel free to place this on a test page and we can take a closer looker.

Hi Ben,

My better half is having health issues, but I’ll try that when I have the chance.

Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

Hi Ben,

I re-embedded and removed the closing script. Still nothing appears on the page:

This is the code:

<iframe id="ycbmiframeihc-rides" style="width: 100%; height: 1000px; border: 0px; background-color: transparent;" src=";skipHeaderFooter=true" frameborder="0">

Putting in a closing iframe tag or leaving in the does nothing.

I made a simpler page “Debug2” with this code:

    <iframe src=""></iframe>

It generates:
<iframe src=""> <html> == $0 <head></head> <body></body> </html> </iframe>

when I look via Chrome’s “inspect” of the element.

Hello @ihc_admin,

You may have fixed this on your own. When I go to the debug page you posted, I see the YCBM calendar correctly:

Are you still experiencing problems embedding your calendar?

OK, something must be off on my browser because it won’t display for me.

I’ll see what I can find out about cross-scripting on Chrome.

Thank you for your help.