Can I no longer suspend my account while on Summer Break

I’m an educator and long time user of YCBM and I used to be able to pause (or suspend) my account while on Summer and Winter Breaks. I can’t seem to find that option anymore or am I just blind and can’t find the switch to flip?
Thanks in advance.

The “pause” function was an excellent option that helped us avoid charges being made for the days when you were not going to use your services for the holidays.

Unfortunately, this option is no longer available.

It is recommended that if the subscription is not going to be used for a certain period of time, proceed to cancel it and when you are ready to use it again, reactivate the subscription from scratch.

In order to process a cancellation, we recommend you send an email to our support email address so we can help you with this process.

I look forward to your reply.

I guess I’ll be canceling until August then.

I’ll send an email.