Can not disable Paid Features

How do I downgrade the features* which are no longer in the free version?

Background & screencast

We’ve been using the Free version and it looks like some Free features are now only in the paid.

That’s fine. But, when I try to disable those features I get caught in a loop where I can’t downgrade any features until other features have been downgraded. And it won’t let me downgrade any of the features.

Here’s a short screencast:
{Removed by Admin)

  • Features which are no longer in Free version:
    (custom colors, multiple calendars, HTML in emails)

@ClayN Thanks for sharing that video, that was brutal to watch I am sorry for the frustration. (I removed the video to protect your information)

I have gone through and removed all of the paid features. You should now be seeing things without any warnings. Here is a list of the feature comparison.

I had to remove some email reminders along with the color and adjust the after message text. Let me know if you still see any issues.

Thanks Ben. That’s a huge help.

One more issue I’m having:

I deleted one of my 2 Confirmation Email’s for After New Booking made.
Now it won’t let me add it back in.

Is there any way to re-enable the Email Confirmation to ME sent after Booking Is Made?
Text of that email is below


Email Confirmation to ME:

You have a new booking


Booking details

Start: {START}
End: {END}
Duration: {DURATION}
Their timezone: {TIMEZONE-BOOKER}
Their start time: {START-BOOKER}
Their end time: {END-BOOKER}
Ref: {REF}



Manage this booking.

@ClayN you still have the email in your settings you can adjust the copy here:

If you do not see that, let me know and I can swap things for you. Not a problem.