Can´t see my multiple booking pages


I have 4 different booking pages: and 2 more (the system doesn´t allow me to put more than 2 links)

However when I access the dashboard I only see the first one and cannot access the rest to make changes. Can you please help me find my other booking pages?

Many thanks!


Hi Vera, welcome to the forum.

It looks like you’ve created to accounts. One under your personal email address (that you used to sign up with into the forum) and another under admissions@-----. That’s where is located.

If you can provide the other 2 links I can provide the email addresses you used to create them.

Tiffany thank you so much! That solves the mystery, was driving myself crazy as I created them some time ago. It is all coming to one email address and uses the same calendar but has different setups, just has outwardly different names, so I guess the other two are in the same situation. Many many thanks!