Can you make a booking page expire after X days?

I’m setting up a team of Customer Success Advocates and they are working in a pooled model. We don’t want customers to contact individual members of the team directly, so using the YCBM pooled feature seems like the perfect solution.

However, we do not want a few customers bombarding our team with meeting requests, while still allowing availability for the rest of customers.

So I was hoping for YCBM to have booking pages that expire after a certain number of days. This way, we could use tech-touch emails for a group of customers (maybe to try a new feature) and give them a chance to discuss it with one of our CSAs if they click within the next 14 days. After that, the link to the booking page would expire, so cheeky customers don’t use it to keep bombarding the team with requests.

Does this feature exist or something similar?

I imagine you could create multiple booking pages and then keep disabling them?

Thanks in advance.

@cmorenoserrano welcome to the Forum! One option to explore are fixed end dates (Set fixed start and end dates for your bookings - Support). This will allow you to set a limit of the page to only take bookings in the next 14 days. So the page only works from now until two weeks from now.

You could spin up 200 booking pages for anything need for these one off projects and different initiatives.

This is fantastic news.
I’m currently trying to convince my boss to get the budget for upgrading to premium.
We are a very small team (5 people), but we are growing fast and are looking at hiring many more CSAs (like you, Ben :slight_smile: ).
The only thing is that it might take some time to get all the approvals from the top, but hopefully we will get there.
I saw that there is some free trial, I might do that to convince my boss. It’s easier when you make it real.

Yup, we have a free two week trial. Also I built out a training for teams you can check out: Team Setup Course. We are here to help with anything you need.

Hi @Ben. I finally had time to go over your training course. It was very good.
Could I have an informal quote for 10 licences? How do you count users?
My team is very small, but we are growing it. What sorts of tiers do you have for pricing?
Be mindful that it will not be me the one leading the purchasing process. At this point, I just need a ballpark figure and pricing info to get my manager to initiate the process.

Many thanks.

@cmorenoserrano I am glad you liked the course. The cost is $10 per calendar connected per month. For 10 team members that would be $100/month. We have an annual and two year discount you get a month free and four months free respectively.

We offer a discount on the 51st calendar and there after in a tiered scale. Meaning the more calendars you add the higher the per calendar discount.

I’m talking to my manager.
Who should I contact if we want to proceed? Is it self-serve or shall we talk to sales?

You can setup an account here:

And start inviting your team here:

You will have 14 days to test things and then after that you can add a credit card to start the subscription.

Hi @Ben,

I have now secured the budget and approval for the licences from management.
However, as part of our procurement process, we need to demonstrate to the business that YCBM was the only/best option.

Do you have any comparison vs competitors material I could use to demonstrate this?
Like a feature list comparison.

Many thanks in advance.

Oh, and one more thing: after looking a bit around, it seems like YCBM is the cheapest option of them all. How come you are so good and also the cheapest option? What’s the catch?

@Carlos We are working on some comparison documentation. This page will layout the benefits for teams: Award winning scheduling tool for teams -

And to your second point there is no catch. I am not sure on who else you were checking out, but we are competitively priced. A paid plan (regardless of the number of calendars) will get you access to all of our paid features. We are a small bootstrapped company and don’t have to worry about board members, or investors being happy. We work for our customers and that’s it.


That is great news, Ben.
Thank you for your help with all of this.
I’m writing the business case for the investment, so that all paperwork is done and complete, so that we can proceed.
That comparison document would be the pièce de resistance of my business case.


Hi Ben,

I’m working with IT in procuring the licences.
As part of the process, we need to ask you for a formal quote for 10 licences. Could you or someone in your sales team create a quote document that we can use for documenting?

My company name is Sonatype.

Many thanks.

I just sent an email to start the process, Carlos!

Fantastic. We are ready on our end.
Let me know if you need my email address or any other details.
UPDATE: Just read your email. I have contacted the relevant people to get you the details you need.
I’ll revert back to you ASAP.

Ben, I sent you the answers in a separate email. I got Marvin’s email and I’m waiting on IT’s and Finance’s response to see if what he sent is enough.

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Ben, for completeness, we finally got the 10 licences (yay!).
Many thanks for your patience.

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@Ben We are having trouble with the booking pages. They are all showing the permissions error, despite having followed all of the instructions.
I have sent a message to Support, but no response as of yet.
I wonder if it’s because our Google accounts are centrally managed by IT. There must be some additional instructions for them to follow.
Is there any way you could help us?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @cmorenoserrano I think we were able to get this sorted for you. The main organization account needed to integrate a calendar account. I can see availability populate for your team now.

Yes, it worked!
Thanks, Ben and team.

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