Changed my account email address, now can't log-in

Updated my email address from a google email address (which I used to log-in) to a non-google email address, now I can’t log-in or a request a new password. I also can’t receive any reset password emails. HELP (please change my email address back to the original gmail address so I can log-in, it’s urgent!)

Hi @alexlouiserose sorry you are running into trouble. We sent you an email to the email address you used on the forum. If you still have access to the old email, you should be getting password reset emails and setup a new password.

I’m having this same issue. We updated our domain and now I can’t log in. Please help me.

@jswick welcome to the forum. You can attempt a password reset here:

If that still isn’t working send me a Direct Message with your new account email address.

It didn’t work and I can’t find how to direct message you.

I’m having this issue now: I have changed my login username to this email address (Microsoft 365) from a Google Workspace address and now I can’t login with either. I have reset my password (worked, but still can’t login) and I have tried with an incognito browser.

In addition, when I try to login, it pops up an old fashioned prompt to login to - over the web page instead of in the web page.

@KumonKirwan sorry on the delay with getting back to you and the issue. Last week there was an issue we saw with accounts changing email addresses. This should be resolved now and you should be able to login back to your account. If you are seeing when trying to login be sure that you aren’t sharing your password. If you are you can invite administrators here: