Not receiving email for resetting password - can't log in

I forgot my password to log in to my account. I tried three times to resend an email to my emailadres, checked the spamfolders, but nothing received. I couldn’t email you and couldn’t come in this forum, because I have TO LOG IN (which I can’t!). So I made a different account to log in this forum! Can you please send me an email from my account which I am using normally, because many appointments come in and I have to make some changings in my account!
My normal email is

it would be very helpfull if there would be a ‘simple’ way to connect with you if there is a question like this. Now I had to do a lot of weird things to get to you…IF I get to you (hopefully someone is reading this?)

Hi Jinpa - sorry for any frustration. It sounds like you may have changed your login email at some point - there is no account under the email you provided (info @ jinpa-huis). Do you know your booking profile URL? We can look up your account that way.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

Yes, I think you mean this?:
This is the account I am using and it’s active, because I get email from this account about appointments being made…

There are some old accounts, I think. Maybe on this emailadres I am using right now or something with dagbestedingjoey@…

I will send you a private message with more details.

Thank you very much! I will look into it

Hi Tiffany,

I didn’t get an email yet. Is this correct?