Password Reset Email Not Sending

Good day, I inadvertently overwrote the password to my YCBM account when doing some IT maintenance this morning. Upon clicking the “reset password” link and having it send me the email to reset, nothing happened.

Having read the other occurrences this has happened, I’m a bit perplexed, hence the new thread:

  • I have tried a former email used with my YCBM account, and that’s not gotten it
  • tried a few associated to me also just to be sure
  • and then signed up on the forum here to see about getting a solution*

My booking page: ar****

*I did receive the confirmation email to the forum, and promptly. Which leads me to believe that it might be something beyond my control happening.

To answer the other question I’d seen; yes, email address I’ve used for this forum is the same used for my account.

I also don’t seem to be getting the notification emails (since Jan 2020 actually); I have reset that notification action a few times, but it’s has not yet been a major issue to not get that email.

Thanks in advance for any insight and support you can provide

Hi there - welcome to the forum! Your email was unsubscribed from our notifications. I’ve just resubscribed you, can you try requesting the password reset email again?

Hi Tiffany; thanks
Just hit the password reset, but haven’t seen the email yet. Going to give it a bit as I did recently make changes to my email server and some mail has taken a tick longer to arrive.

Hi Antoine - actually we are getting an SMTP error trying to deliver now - I’ve just requested an reactivation, so you may need to request a password reset one more time.

Ok… running that again

And I just got the password reset email.
And am now back into my account

Thanks for your assistance :pray:t5:

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