Locked out of Account?

I’ve had a youcanbook.me account for many years and a week or so ago I upgraded to the paid version. I have like four google accounts and I’ve tried everyone but my main one doesn’t work at all. I did change the email in the account but I don’t recall changing the google account linkage. The calendar is still working but I need to get access to it.

I can’t get to tech support…without logging in. Help!!!


Hello John!

Sorry you are having trouble logging in. As I am also a YCBM user, there is not much I can do to help you, however I wanted to see if the following would help:

  1. There is no relation between the accounts that you use for calendar (i.e., Google, Microsoft, Fruux, CalDAV accounts) and the account you use for logging in—unless you decide to use some of the same emails. So you should not be using your four Google accounts to try to log in.

  2. The account/email you use for logging in is the one you set when you registered your account, or that you may have changed by clicking Update Email from the Accounts setting page:

  1. Once you’ve figured out which email you used for that purpose, you should have no problem resetting your password.

If you are still encountering trouble, I suggest that, following a previous thread on the same problem, you share your booking page to the YCBM staff can locate your account.

Good luck!

Hi John - sorry you’re having trouble accessing your account. Can you provide us your booking page URL? We can look up your account email that way (feel free to send me a private message).

Thanks, but as far as I remember I always signed in using a google account. I don’t recall ever setting up an email/password (and there’s nothing in my last pass).

I never had any problem until I upgraded my account, and I have been charged so I know that went through.


This was resolved by DM, thanks.

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Hello @tiffany et al. I’m having similar trouble to some folks here. I continue to be charged for a paid youcanbook.me account that’s associated with an email address in a domain that was deleted a year ago. As such, there is no way for me to log in to my account and cancel it (and cancel my payment). I have been trying to cancel this for months and really need to stop getting charged $40/month. Can you or someone from customer support please contact me? I’m happy to communicate my old account email and any other information over DM.

Hi Tiffany, I have a similar problem. How can I send a private message?

@jcersonsky and @carsonkrol I’ve messaged you both with more information.

Hi Tiffany - I have the same problem! :frowning: I may actually have deleted my account in error.

I have an active booking page, but can’t figure out the email associated with it. help!
booking page: malozano.youcanbook.me

Thank you!

Hi @dralozano,
Kelly here, stepping in with Tiffany. I messaged you with the information regarding your account!

Hello Tiffany,

It appears you helped with this issue before. I hope you are able to help me.

I have YCBM for quite some time now, probably since 2017. Just recently my company attempted to convert my account to a paid account. Ever since I clicked on the company link, I no longer have access to my original dashboard I just can’t get in to manage the dashboard.

After I clicked the company link, I was directed to create a new booking site. I had just sent my booking link out to clients and now it appears that I have create a new account.

This will create quite a problem if I have to create a new account. .

Any assistance you can give to get me back to my original booking account will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ruth. It looks like you were invited to join Latoya’s account. When you did that all your booking pages were moved into her account. It looks like you then removed yourself from her account, which is why you can no longer find the booking page.

I would recommend that you ask Latoya to re-invite you to join your account. Once she does that and you accept, have her make you an editor and assign you your booking page so you can view your own booking page again.

You can share these articles with her: Manage team members on your account - YouCanBook.me Support

Hope that helps!


I will follow up with Latoya and proceed as instructed in your email.

Thank you,


@Tiffany Howdy! Hoping we could get help with the same issue. We no longer have access to the email address that is attached to our YCBM account to reset the password. No way to access support without logging in. Please DM me so we can get this sorted :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy 2022!

@MeetEdgar happy to help here. Sending you a DM now.

Hey @Ben thank you so much for y’all’s speedy response!

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Hi - having the same issue as many above:

I used an office gmail account to manage a number of calendars. Our tech department changed the account name to bring it in line with other office accounts and we lost access to our YCBM. It hasn’t been an issue until this week so I’m hoping someone can help me regain access.


@kanderson Sending you a DM here to help get things sorted.

I am also unable to access my YouCanBook.me account because I no longer have access to the email account to which it is connected. I need to change the email address and pause my subscription, but I cannot log in. Thank you in advance for our help.

@heatherfwillis sending you a DM here to help out.