My google account is disabled

So i created a new google account for new booking page, for an event i’m hosting.
unfortunately somehow google banned my account and now i cant access my booking.

my site is
how do i access it back ? i desperately need my account back for bookings. I can provide proof that i own the account, as i managed to write a few booking appointment down before it got banned. and this information is only for admins so that can be proof i’m an owner-admin of the site.

please help me…

Hi @mnatasya I’m no Google Support, but I think you should start the appeal process with Google if you haven’t already done so. I don’t know how much time you’ll need to wait but it’s worth a try.

i know. but is there no way to access ycbm ?

@mnatasya you can send me a direct message on the forum here with the booking information you have to verify things. Then you will need to create a new account:

Then you will need to integrate a different Google Calendar and I can get the booking page moved over. The challenge with this though is once we connect a new calendar all active bookings will be cancelled since the system cannot “see” them on the calendar.

I would move forward with the appeal as @dinodxynez suggests as well.