Can’t login to change account

Heyo. Been using you for years. Just changed jobs. So my calendar reflects old position. However I cannot login because I created account long time ago and I have forgot email. Clicking forgot email takes me to email I no longer have access to. Lol could someone help me sort this out? can is my link. You can reach out to my new email here:

[Removed by admin]

Much appreciated.


Hi @malibu can you attempt to clear your browsing cache, or try in an incognito window. We pushed out an update that should have been under the radar, but some customers may have stumbled into the new flow that isn’t yet ready. Resetting the browser should fix this, let me know if that isn’t the case.

It isn’t that I am aware of. I am working on a new computer for the new gig. So just trying to now use your services for the new job instead of the old. But I believe I tied it to my old account. Unless you just made the change to this email now… Which seems odd without verification.

-Mike (@malibu)

Hi Mike, this change was not made to only your account, it is across all of our customer accounts. Again you should not be seeing this, so if you are not able to login please try in an incognito browser or clear your cache.

Well, I am trying to login into my account with you and it is tied to my old email [removed by admin] the forgot password will send an email to that email. I don’t work there anymore so I cannot get access to that email to reset my password. Unless I am missing something…


Hi @malibu my fault. I was confusing this with another issue we are tracking. I will send you an email from our support center and we will help you out.