Changing background color

Hi there,
I’m wondering if I can change frame background color in Box theme HERE
Please advise.

In the CSS section try this:


CSS section is under the Styles & appearance tab.

Hi Ben,
Thank you for your prompt reply. The code works well, so the page looks good now, thanks for your help. I feel absolutely happy with your service though I’d appreciate to have potential possibility to use month view in the embedded widget. I’m normally booked for few months ahead, so month view would be really helpful to simplify booking process for my customers. Thank you ones more.

We have hopes in the future to allow first available dates and times to automatically be visible. At this time no definite timeframe, but it is on our radar. We understand the need to ensure that all bookers visiting the page see a time to book with you.

Thank you for reply. Looking forward that feature, it promised to be really useful in my situation! Thanks.

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