Changing the Team member description based on the View

Hi Team,

So we created a booking page with the coaches( about nearly 10 coaches), which will be used by students to book their sessions.
So we had a long descriptions for coaches, which wasn’t very user friendly hence we replaced with hashtags so the View of the page looks clean.
Is there a feature for us to modify the coaches description based on which view/page of the booking page the student is in? Or Can once the student selects the team member, when they are navigated to the next page to choose the slot, can we show on the left the longer description of the coaches?


@thanya.reddy for this you can explore using a Conditional Statement:

Something like this:
{IF}{TEAM-NAME}{EQUALS}Ben{THEN} Some custom information about the things Ben can do{ENDIF}
{IF}{TEAM-NAME}{EQUALS}Beth{THEN} Other information different for Beth here{ENDIF}