Pre-filling team member names in booking links is not working

The guidance on this page: does not work for me. Trying to go to Select a meeting · results in an “unknown team member” even though we have a member with exactly that name.

Nothing else works in place of the user name (email, ID) either.

Please help!

I’ve also been having this issue the last two days and have quadruple checked the spelling, spaces, etc.

@squarestar and @notadeejay thank you for letting us know. Our development team are working on a fix for this. There is a validation not functioning properly and causing the “unknown team member” message to appear. Once I have more information I will update this thread. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks @Ben. I see from doing some testing that using the team member’s name in the URL seems to function as required (ie, the booking is made with the correct member) but the problem is that for the customer it shows as ‘Unknown Team Member’ throughout the booking process.

I’d be grateful if this could be resolved quickly as it is a poor user experience for the booker, to the point of not being able to use this feature at the moment.

We are finalizing a fix for this. I am hopeful a fix will be in place by early next week. Thank you for your patience.

@notadeejay and @squarestar can you test things out and let me know if you are still seeing unknown team member displayed when trying to pre-fill team member?

Thanks @Ben - that seems to be working as required now. :+1:

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