{FNAME} showing up instead of customers name?

The custom tag {FNAME} is not working in my account. If someone makes a booking, it doesn’t populate their first name, it literally says {FNAME}. I checked with my colleagues and they are using the exact same messaging and theirs works properly. I am at a loss of what is going on here.

Be sure that your name field is referencing FNAME in the shorthand code field.


Ahhh! It was set to Q7, doh! Changed it to FNAME, it is working now. Shorthand codes are pretty powerful.

Absolutely you can use them in your email and follow up to make things more personalized. I also adjust the content of the email depending on how folks book.


How do you do that?!

If/Then statements, it is pretty advanced stuff. For instance if someone book a certain day of the week I may be at once office vs the other. So it is:
{IF}{START-DAY}{EQUALS}Wednesday{THEN} We will be meeting at our Main Street office: 234 Main Street {ENDIF}
{IF}{START-DAY}{EQUALS}Tuesday{THEN}We will be meeting at our office off of 43rd Street: 5689 West 43rd St {ENDIF}

I have this setup in the notification that goes out to the booker after they book. There is an article that support gave me, but I can’t track it down.


I think I found it: https://support.youcanbook.me/article/99-make-your-booker-confirmation-email-specific-to-each-booking

I have the same issue. Rest to FNAME, still 'Hi {FNAME}, not very user friendly

Hi steven - Sounds like you’ve changed the shorthand code on the booking form for that field to something else. Check out this help article: https://support.youcanbook.me/article/431-why-do-my-confirmation-emails-say-fname