Confused why I'm unavailable every 2nd Tuesday

Hi there,

For some reason every 2nd Tuesday is blocked and no appointments can be scheduled. I have checked my Google calendar and my Tuesday’s are free, I even deleted a few appointments wondering if they were causing the issue. If you look at my calendar, you’ll see 20th Oct fully booked, 27th is open except for at 11am, 3rd November is fully booked, etc.

What do I need to do to fix this? Thank you.

Hi Nicole, sounds like there is an all-day event at the top of your calendar on those Tuesdays that is set to busy. Another possibility is a declined invitation. There are more troubleshooting tips here:

Hi Tiffany, there is definitely no all day events in my Google calendar. I’ve double and triple checked this because that was my first thought. Tuesday has always been an open day for bookings. I had all day event on the Monday prior and deleted it to be sure that it wasn’t effecting it. I also deleted my recurring meetings on Tuesday which is at 11am so all my Tuesday’s are blank in Google.

I’ve just found it - thank you!! It was an old employee’s calendar that had been transferred into my calendar. She had a declined event every 2nd Tuesday.

Thanks so much Tiffany!!

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happy to help! :smiley: