Connecting you can book me to mailchimp


I am having trouble connecting to mailchimp through Zapier. The test I was given is not working. Can anyone help who’s done this before


I haven’t connected through to Mailchimp, but have setup a Zap to bring data into other tools. I remember setting up the trigger and pulling in data at first was a bit tricky. It took a few attempts to get things to sync. I was told that I should remove the trigger, pull up and test out a booking in a new tab, then add the trigger. Hope this helps.


Zapier can be tricky to get synced up. When I was running through it, the sample data was not allowing me to get the new form fields I needed. To @Kevin’s point, I had to do the same thing of place the test booking, then add the trigger. Now I am rocking and rolling with Zapier, it is pretty awesome once you get things connected.