Sender Name in SMS

I have previously used a booking widget where my Company name is the sender in all SMS.

SO when a client gets a notification after booking my company name is the sender.

Can you make this work on your widget, its a major UP and something that builds branding and a real pivot when deciding what widget to use.

If there is a way of applying it swiftly I am willing to put a few dollars extra to get it.

Right now our SMS notifications are sent from a generic number. You could leverage a tool like Zapier to trigger an SMS from a different system to have more control over the name and number used. I will submit this as a feature request for future consideration.

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Just so I understand you on this because I will go out and try to find someone who can help me make Edda Labs (my company) the sender of my sms.

Do I contact Zapier to have them help me with this?

Do you know where I should look for help, or a dude I can contact that I can pay for some help to set it up?

I recommend fiverr (

Essentially you can hire someone who will set this up for you - I imagine even for a fee you’ll get a better outcome than trying to do it yourself (however if you do try it yourself I believe Zapier has full support for paying users - not quite a done-for-you thing like with fiverr, but they should be able to point you in the right direction).

Going the zapier route essentially means you’re using YCBM to trigger another app to send customized SMS (and Zapier is the tool that connects YCBM to the other 3rd party SMS tool)

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Greatly appreciated :pray: