Customizing responses to certain time slots

Is it possible to customize the response to certain time slots? I’ve been asked if eg my 7-9pm timeslot on weekdays the bookers can be sent a different email or asked different questions on the form. I can’t see a way of doing this so I presume not.

Hi @WalkleyCags there isn’t a way to show different form fields for folks, but there is a way to potentially show different information in the notifications with conditional logic: More info here..

Essentially you can test out something like:
{IF}{START-HOUR}{EQUALS}19{THEN}Here is information specific to the 7-9pm timeslot{ENDIF}

START-HOUR is based off of 24 hour time, so 7pm would be 19. This wouldn’t allow you to also pinpoint weekdays, but you can target that separately with a different conditional statement potentially.

I hope this helps.