Different fixed duration

Hi, I have a free version of youcanbook.me and I’m trying to understand if it is possible on the same day to have a booking start at 11:00, and the next one at 12:00, and then the next one only at 13:30. Can we change the fixed duration from a booking hour to hour? Even if this cannot be done on a free version, does the pay version have this feature? Thank you

With the paid version you could explore using On Duty with a grid increment set to 30 minutes and then a duration set to 1 hour:

Then on the connected calendar you will create your On Duty events (all with the exact same title and set to free) for the start times of 11:00, 12:00, 13:30. If you message me the account email I can add a free trial for you to test this out!

Hi Ben,

the calendar is (email removed by admin),

please add me a free trial,

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Your account is now on a trial!