Does YCBM have a simple "forward now" button on emails that looks better than when my clients forward emails through their email client?

Forwarding reminder emails?


Often, my clients need to send the YCBM reminder emails to their customers.

Two questions:

Better yet, does YCBM allow reminders to be sent to a second email address that is not the same as the booker’s? In an ideal world, the client could enter their customers’ email addresses at the time of booking so that automatic reminders would be sent to them, and I could set up reminders that were specific to their customers. For example: “Your contact JOE BUSINESS PERSON at XYZ Co is reminding you of your upcoming appointment with the information below…”

Can this happen?

Hello James,

My name is Ingrid, and I am part of YCBM.

I am very sorry for the delay. Indeed, you could request in the booking form the email address of the other participants. This could be done in the following way:

Go to your booking page> booking form> booking form> questions> add question> in type select the email address option> in the label you can put “Second participant’s email address”> shorthand code EMAIL2.

After that, you will be able to set up a notification email for the second participant, as follows:

You must go to Notification> actions> Reminder emails> Before the appointment starts, in the “To” option, you must select the option of “{EMAIL2}” and for that to be the email that will be sent only to the other participant.

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