Error con el correo de verificación


¿Podría acceder al servicio gratuito con un correo de empresa, con su propia extensión? Me refiero a un correo que no sea ni Gmail, ni Outlook, ni icloud.

Lo he intentado pero no recibo el correo de verificación.

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Could I access the free service with a company email, with its own extension? I mean an email that is not Gmail, Outlook, or icloud.

I have tried but I do not receive the verification email.

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You should be able to sign up with any email account you have. If you do not have access to Google, Microsoft or iCloud calendars an integration may still be possible with our CalDav integration. (

You will have to check with your server administrator for the proper information needed.

As for the email it could be in a spam folder or being blocked by the server. I see an account created for you. I will reset your password and attempt to send an email with more information.

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Genial, gracias Ben!